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For proven services and professional solutions for office window tinting, Melbourne business of all sizes know to call the team here at Glama Window Tinting.

We have been a leading name in the window tinting industry for more than 15 years. We supply premium commercial window tinting services to businesses across Melbourne.

Delivering friendly and reliable customer service and durable, cost-effective window tinting, you can trust the team at Glama.

Benefits Of Office Window Tinting For Businesses | Commercial Window Tinting

  • Reducing sun glare
  • Reducing the view into your office from outside
  • Enhancing workplace professionalism
  • Reducing harmful UV rays
  • Protecting office interior and equipment from sun damage
  • Cutting down on cooling costs

Office window tinting is one of our most popular services. It’s cost effective and offers a range of benefits to your staff, your business and your bottom line.

It’s beneficial to your employees,protecting office staff against harmful UV rays and helping to keep the office cool during summer. This has the added bonus of reducing cooling costs and increasing your business’s eco-credentials.

Office Window Frosting

commercial window tinting melbourneOffice frosting is simple and easy to install and one of the most effective and functional elements you can add to your workplace.

At Glama Window Tinting, we manufacture window frosting film to fit perfectly over any existing internal or external window or glass panels in your office.

Glass frosting can help to separate sections of your workplace, such as office cubicles and conference areas, without having to sacrifice the bright and open space of the office itself. No large, bland walls that will keep everyone in the dark, just simple and durable film fittings that will help to protect you and your employees from harmful UV rays and allow for a naturally lit workplace.

To find out more about our glass frosting and office window tinting services, give us a call on 0422 370 892 or contact us online today. We also provide professional window tinting in Kew, Brighton, Frankston, Dandenong, Mornington and other suburbs of Melbourne.