Window Tinting in Dandenong

window tinting DandenongAt Glama Window Tinting, we offer a range of expert window tinting services for homes, offices and businesses across Dandenong. We provide premium, brand-name window film products specially designed to suit a variety of purposes.

Whether you want to cut back on sun glare, reduce UV rays or improve the safety and security of your windows, we have the window film to help. We can supply frosted window films to enhance privacy without sacrificing natural light. Or safety film to reduce the risk of injury from broken glass. Using advanced ceramic technology, our premium tinting products reject the majority of infrared rays and block out harmful UV rays.

A quality tinting film can also dramatically improve energy efficiency, improving solar energy rejection by up to 80%. This means the interior is easier to cool, reducing reliance on air conditioners in summer and lowering cooling costs.

Window tinting is also the perfect solution to sun and heat glare. You can cut back on glare without compromising the view through your windows.

Professional Window Tinting Services For Home and Business
House window tinting Dandenong

  • House and home window tinting
  • Office and shop tinting
  • Commercial window tinting
  • Safety and security film
  • Reflective window tinting
  • Solar window film
  • Anti-graffiti film
  • Decorative glass film
  • Frosted film

All window films can be custom manufactured to suit any window size or style.

With more than 15 years’ experience, we have the expertise and the in-depth product knowledge to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on our friendly and reliable customer service and will work with you to deliver a tinting solution that suits your specific requirements.

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting offers a range of benefits to your business. A reflective film can improve privacy and security, while filtering out harmful UV rays improving employee comfort. A solar window film is ideal for retail display windows. It allows a full view through the window, while reducing glare and limiting sun fading. We can also provide decorative and branded window films and window frosting, perfect for office partitions and glass doors and walls. Whatever your tinting, frosting or window signage needs, Glama Window Tinting is ready to help.

House and Home Window Tinting

Like automotive window tinting, home window tinting offers a wide range of benefits. Improved curb appeal, enhanced privacy and better energy efficiency — these are just some of the benefits that come with installing a premium window film at home.

Whether you’re looking for a reflective film, solar film or security film, we can help. We offer a complete range of residential window tinting services throughout Dandenong and across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. All tinting and window film products are premium quality and can be custom fitted to most windows.

Trusted Service and Quality Workmanship

For protection, privacy, and the best window tinting services in Dandenong, contact the Glama Window Tinting team today. We provide professional window tinting in Brighton, Kew, Frankston, Mornington, and more. Give us a call on 0422 370 892 or (03) 8502 0604 or contact us online for a free quote or to book a free onsite inspection.

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